Crofton Cottage

This is our home. We are so lucky to be here with the sea shore at the front having all the wildlife of the seas, such as seals, otters and many, many other varieties to be seen from our office windows. The back of the cottage leads to a large deciduous wood, again, with all the wildlife associated with woodland, including roedeer, hares, hedgehogs and many other species besides.

I have trail cameras set up to record resident and other wildlife, both by day and by night. The various video clips on this site are from these cameras.

Bird species seen from the cottage are too numerous to list; however, I have 4 feeding stations at various points around the garden, and most of the woodland species and garden species of birds have been seen here. We have also recorded many other species flying past, including ospreys, sea eagles, golden eagles, gannets and many more besides.

(Grateful thanks to Martin Ferguson for his drone footage of the cottage and surrounds.)